Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Headquarters

This new high performance building will provide a regional administrative hub for the state agency charged with protecting and regulating environmental issues. The building is the DEC’s first designed under NYS Executive Order 111 and is projected to achieve a LEED “Gold” rating. The building makes extensive use of daylighting and direct solar gain with automated shading integrated with lighting controls. Materials are renewable, locally produced and make extensive use of recycled content. A pressurized raised floor and modular partition system accommodate future program changes with flexible power, data and HVAC distribution while eliminating most ductwork. DOE2 computer modeling indicates that the building will have energy savings of at least 42 percent when compared to a code-compliant or LEED baseline building.

Project Data
Client: NYS Department of Conservation Regional Headquarters
Project Size: 30,000 square feet
Construction Cost: $9,500,000
Services: Full Architectural Services
Complete: Project Suspended